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Location, Lodging, and Camping


Sunrise Ranch is a 350-acre ranch and sustainable organic farm at the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, near Loveland, Colorado. The picturesque and peaceful setting, with hiking trails, tons of wildlife, and a location less than 90 minutes away from Denver International Airport, is perfect for the Annual BFRB Retreat!  As prior Retreat attendees will attest, the communal living arrangements at the Retreat are one of its highlights.  By sharing space with others who also live with BFRBs, you have the unique opportunity to form friendships at a deep level, while also challenging yourself to step outside your normal routines. Clean and comfortable rooms are located in the residential building, iust a short walk from the dining hall, meeting spaces, and hiking trails. Sunrise Ranch is home to a community of about 70 people who live on the land fulltime. Remember, as we are honored guests, let us respect the home and lands we will be enjoying!

Along with opportunities to enjoy the magnificent natural setting, you can enjoy hiking the trails, sitting around the fire pit up on the hill on starry nights, roasting marshmallows for s'mores, relaxing in the sauna or hot tub, and swimming in the small but sweet pool (weather permitting). Sunrise Ranch also offers guided walks of their ranch, so make sure to sign up if you are interested. Last year many people totally loved the experience of learning about the operations of a sustainable, organic farm!

During our down times, there will be creative crafts to engage in, people to get to know, and of course, karaoke, an important and integral  part of every Retreat!

On-Site Lodging:

All on-site lodging is in the Residential Building. Smoking is only allowed out-doors, and in a specially identified sitting area.  Guest rooms come set up as double or triple beds, with a couple dorm-type rooms with bunk-beds holding 4 people per room.. For an additional fee, there are 4 single bedrooms available, which must be arranged for directly with Christina Pearson at the Academy Office. Feel free to call her directly at 970-697-9677.   All bedrooms in the residential building offer shared toilet and bathing facilities. All bed and bath linens are provided. 

Off-Site Lodging at La Quinta Hotel:

For our Day Participation registrants, Sunrise Ranch has an agreement with the local La Quinta Hotel io offer Sunrise Guests a reduced rate. The La Quinta Hotel is 6 miles from Sunrise Ranch, so you will definitely need a car in order to travel back and forth. Room fees are available by calling La Quinta at XXXXXXXXX  and giving them XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


For those who want to camp, the designated area for camping is in the small field just in front of the residential building. This way campers have access to bathrooms and showers just a few feet away. You must bring ALL your own equipment - tent, bedding, light, etc. Your camping registration includes all your meals, snacks, workshops and activities. THERE ARE NO FIRES OR CAMP-STOVES ALLOWED AT SUNRISE RANCH DUE TO FIRE HAZARD.


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