Farm-to-Table Meals


A Focus on Sustainable Farming

Sunrise Ranch practices sustainable farming and provides fresh farm-to-table meals. For events hosted at Sunrise Ranch, the cuisine is based off what is seasonally available at that time and can be locally sourced. 

Chefs who practice farm-to-table concepts rely on fresh ingredients, often preparing the food only a few feet away from where it was grown. This affects both the taste of each dish and the nutritional content available in the meal. For every day that passes after harvest, there is a decrease in the nutritional content and life force in the fruits and vegetables produced.

Sunrise Ranch supplies its kitchen from their own gardens and greenhouses. Eggs are supplied from their own pasture-raised chickens, as is their own grass-fed beef and lamb. If there is a need for food that they cannot provide, they source from local neighbors in the valley first, then look to source from farmers based in northern Colorado. 

Food Preparation

Sunrise uses traditional wisdom in menu planning to preserve the life force present in food. You'll find items such as homemade soups, leafy green salads, fresh fruit or gourmet pastas, complete with sprouts, legumes, chicken and/or fish, the food is simply scrumptious!  The kitchen is 100% certified for public food preparation and monitored by local health officials.

Special Diets

Sunrise offers vegetarian, vegan, wheat-free, and dairy-free diets when requested at least two weeks before a conference. Your Retreat Registration packet includes several questions about diet, so please fill out the whole form. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT SUNRISE DIRECTLY. If you have other specific  dietary needs, including allergies, please contact Christina at the Academy office at 970-697-9677 to inquire about any special arrangements. If we are unable to accommodate special requests, you will need to ensure you supplement your diet accordingly.


Coffee, tea, fruit and trail mix are served in the dining room for morning snacks. Afternoon snacks include fruit, a variety of cookies and/or other assorted goodies.