Classes & Resources for All Ages!

The Heart & Soul Academy offers live, interactive video classes for adults, teens, children and parents with a focus on BFRB shame reduction, practical living skills, and long-term recovery.

Through participation in classes, students learn the cohesive, strategically adaptive Mindful Living-Skills-Based approach to manage hair pulling, nail biting, skin picking  and gain a heart-centered, experiential interpersonal network “in-the-world-you-live-in” for day-to-day support. 

Learn how to:

  • Integrate mindfulness techniques into your daily life

  • Identify negative thought patterns and triggers - and change them!

  • Reduce the impulse to pull, pick, bite, etc.

  • Increase your awareness, both inside and outside of the body

  • Handle feelings of anxiety and difficult feelings

What Students are saying:

Taking Christina’s mindfulness class has been hands down the best step I have taken in my pursuit of living a pull free life. She teaches the foundation from which true change comes from, awareness. And she teaches in such a patient, loving manner I felt comfortable working with her from day 1. My pulling is 90% better, and I have more hope and confidence in myself and my future than I ever have. Taking Christina’s class has helped me in a lot of other areas of my life as well. Signing up for her class and being willing to do the work was the catalyst to my behavior change. I will be forever grateful for Christina and the Heart & Soul Academy!


Christina’s 9-week course in Mindfulness Impulse Reduction was a profound and life changing experience in my life. I had been to therapy, practicing meditation and what I learned in her class was how to blend it all together. After taking her course, I have reduced my impulses to pull my hair more than I have in the past 17 years! When I did eventually did pull out an eyebrow, I felt equipped with the skills I learned in class to be compassionate with myself knowing that this is part of the recovery process. I have grown to accept and love myself today, more than ever, and I’ve seen greater progress in my pulling compared to every other type of strategy I have tried before. I would highly recommend this course to anyone suffering from BFRBs!

Jessica P.

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