What I learned about myself and my Trichotillomania @ Heart and Soul Academy Retreat

Sharing our story can begin the healing process. The simple act of stepping into the unknown to take charge of our lives takes great courage. Not all of us are willing to take that step. To leave behind what comforts us, even if it is the same thing that is destroying us inside.

So why do we not take action? Have we given up hope?! Many of us may feel that way, but what we have to understand is that our behavior is not the enemy, it is the messenger. All is not well in our bodies, our spirit and perhaps our heart. We are very good at isolating and hiding, but are we willing to be seen? To be loved? It is there for you, but you have to take the step to get there. That is where true transformation begins: when we make the choice to support the life we want to live not the one that slowly pains us.

Listen to the story of a beautiful young woman who has struggled with Trichotillomania since the age of 7. Her parents took her to her first retreat 14 years ago and today as she speaks, you can see the transformation of a young girl to a woman who has learned that taking that first step, can change your life forever.