The Heart and Soul Academy's Annual BFRB Retreat



Learn. Transform. Heal.

The Heart & Soul Academy Annual BFRB is a full experiential program. Whether you are a picker, a puller, a biter, a parent, or a partner, come and transform your relationship to these problems! Find healing, understanding, and discover more effective ways of navigating life. This year’s unique process is a powerful distillation drawn from 24 years of Retreat experience in what is most helpful for attendees of all ages.

Attendees have the rare opportunity to spend relaxed, interpersonal time interacting with - and learning from - some of the world’s most knowledgeable & compassionate BFRB expert treatment providers and workshop facilitators. Together with other attendees, come together and spend in-depth, focused time learning from the best, and practicing with each other!

Join us and experience how to transform behaviorally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, to shed unwanted behaviors, and experience stepping into your own life in a new way! 

What Past Attendees have to say...

“I never could have imagined the impact on my spiritual self that this Retreat would have. I have a background filled with trauma as well as skin picking, and this experience truly facilitated healing for me in ways I didn’t even realize I needed to be healed. I am filled with gratitude and hope   And  because of all that, I woke up this morning and  realized I am ready to do the work needed to continue healing. Thank you so much! See you next year!”   BN, New Hampshire. USA

“As a parent of an adult child this was an amazing experience for me. I understand so much better what my role is now.”    DH, Alberta, Canada

“The Retreat is Life Changing, Life saving! No other BFRB event even comes close.”  AP, California, USA

Workshops will cover a wide range of topics, all developed to support authentic, long-term recovery. Here are some examples:

  • How to Build a Personalized Cognitive Behavioral Recovery Roadmap using ComB*

  • Mindfulness Based Impulse Reduction Strategies for Skin Picking & Hair Pulling (separate sessions)

  • Sharing our Stories to Heal

  • The Shedding of Shame

  • Parenting Skills for a child with BFRBs

  • Biology of BFRBs: Current Knowledge

  • Addressing the Whole Person for Teens

  • Building a Better BFRB Toolbox for Kids

  • Mindfulness Meditation, Centering Prayer, Restorative Yoga, and more!

The gift of addressing these disorders, while working with experienced treatment providers and session facilitators, in a safe a safe and supportive environment prepares attendees to be more firmly grounded on the road to a strong recovery.

For ages 8 to 88, with full Programs for children, teens, adults, parents, and select professionals, the Retreat Is a powerful recovery stepping stone for those seeking relief, tools, strategies, and life-long friends.

Your Retreat Registration includes:

  • 8 full meals – starting with Dinner Thursday, 9/12/2019 6:00 pm MT and ending with Breakfast on Sunday, 9/15/2019.

  • 15 or more experiential workshops

  • 3 nights accommodation ( registration choices – i.e. residential, camping, day participation… )

  • Full access to retreat site and services (pool, sauna, fee-based massage, etc.)

Payment Plans and Partial Scholarships
We understand that finances can be a challenge for some and therefore we will gladly offer payment plans as well as a handful of partial scholarships. If you would like to learn more about these options, please contact Christina Pearson at or call her at 970-697-9677.

Retreat Cancellation Policy
Retreat registrations may be canceled any time prior to August 15, 2019 and receive a 50% refund minus $35 for processing fees. No refunds for any reason will be given after the date of August 20, 2019 as we need to prepay many facility fees. Thank you for your understanding

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Hear from past attendees about their experience at the

Heart and Soul Academy Retreat and how it changed their lives forever.

Hear from a lovely young woman who struggles with Trichotillomania and discusses she has learned about "being enough" at the 2017 Heart and Soul Academy Retreat.

The Heart & Soul Academy Annual BFRB is a full experiential program designed to help you transform behaviorally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, with the goal of stepping into "your own shoes," and becoming fully yourself!

This is the story of one woman who attended her first retreat 6 years ago and continues to return to be with her "Family of Heart" where she has found love and acceptance by others can change your life.
This is the story of a young woman who struggled with Trichotillomania, a Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior (BFRB), since the age of 7 and how she found her family of heart at the Heart and Soul Academy BFRB Retreat 14 years ago.